What can recycled egg cartons be used for? You can't imagine how imaginative children are and how they can be used to make different handicrafts. The mushroom craft made from recycled egg cartons is so cute, you can try it with your children.

When I was a child, I used to be crazy about paper windmills, and now I have become a father of two children. I also take my children to make paper windmills and teach them to make all kinds of paper windmills.

There are many things that children need to learn in the process of growing up, and time is the most important one. These simple clock crafts will give them a chance to learn the concepts of time in an interesting way.

Cupcake liners are a kind of material used to make small cakes, and kindergarten children like to use them to make crafts. The tutorial of cupcake liner flowers is not to use paper, but to collect the waste cupcake liners. I have seen such cute and beautiful cupcake liner flowers, I believe the children would also like to try them.

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