How to make an eggshell tumbler craft?

Are you looking for eggshell craft ideas? Although eggshell is a waste in life, it can also be reused. Maybe you want to know how to make an eggshell tumbler craft.

Eggs are very nutritious food. They are rich in protein and other nutrients, which are very beneficial to human health. When you eat eggs, you usually only eat the yolk and egg whites inside. Although the outer shell is rich in calcium, it is too hard and tastes bad, so it is usually thrown away. But today I want to tell you that you should not throw away the leftover eggshells in the future, because they have many other uses, and they can be used as waste to make life more convenient.

The method of eggshell tumbler craft may not be suitable for children who are too young, but its method is not complicated. After reading the following eggshell tumbler craft tutorial, you will easily make the eggshell craft.

How to make an eggshell tumbler craft

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Degree of difficulty:☆☆☆

Age: 3-9-year-olds

Time-consuming:30 minutes


  • eggshell
  • scissors
  • paper napkin
  • red marker
  • paper
  • clay
  • water
  • glue

How to make an eggshell tumbler craft in 5 easy steps

1.Prepare an egg. In order to prevent the eggshell from breaking, poke a small hole in the top of the eggshell, and then cut it with scissors, as shown in Figure 1.

2.Then pour out the egg liquid and clean the inside of the eggshell with a napkin. Then stuff some napkins into the eggshell and add some water.

3. Then make a conical "hat" and draw a beautiful pattern on the paper with a red marker.

4.Apply glue to the cone-shaped "hat" and paste it on the top of the eggshell, as shown in Figure 5 and Figure 6.

5.According to Figure 7 and Figure 8, use clay to make decorations for eggshells.

When we put the finished eggshell tumbler craft on the ground, it will swing from side to side. It is very cute and interesting. You can try this eggshell tumbler craft.



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