Paper strawberry gift box craft tutorial step by step

Strawberry is a beautiful and delicious fruit, which is very popular among children. If you can make a strawberry craft, which is estimated that children will be very excited about it.

If you are looking for creative fruit craft ideas, this paper strawberry gift box craft tutorial step by step is very interesting and suitable for people of all ages.

How to make a cute paper strawberry gift box? After reading the craft tutorial below, maybe you'll love how simple this is, and you will make the children very excited.

Paper strawberry gift box craft tutorial step by step

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Degree of difficulty:☆☆☆

Age: all ages

Time-consuming:30 minutes

All you need:

  • paper
  • marker
  • glue
  • scissors
  • string
  • candies
  • hole punch

Notes before preparation of the paper strawberry gift box craft tutorial 

1.Keep the glue and scissors that are needed for handcrafting away from the children.

2.You can prepare more candies, maybe the candies have been eaten by the children in the process of making crafts.

3.When using markers to embellish black dots, it is recommended not to embellish them too much, otherwise, the paper strawberry craft will not look pretty.


How to make paper strawberry gift box craft tutorial step by step

1.Prepare a 15 cm square red paper and fold it in half along the diagonal and the centerline.

2.At each crease unit, draw a petal shape with a pencil, as shown in Figure 3.

3.Use scissors to cut out each corner, according to Figure 4-5.

4.Cut off a part according to the method shown in Figure 6, and smear the edges with European water, fold the two sides inward and paste them together.

5.Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the middle of each corner, then use a string to pass through each hole in turn, and then tighten the rope, as shown in Figures 8-9.

6.Stuff candies into this paper strawberry box.

7.Then use a piece of green paper to cut out the strawberry pedicle, punch a hole in the middle with a hole punch, pass through the rope, and then tie the rope tightly, as shown in Figure 11-12.

8.Finally, use a marker to embellish some black spots on the surface of the paper strawberry, so that it will look more real.


What is suitable for the paper strawberry gift box?

1. The paper strawberry box can be filled with a few candies. Children will be very happy to get the candies.

2. The paper strawberry box can be filled with some small toys, which can make children happy.

3. The paper strawberry box can be filled with a banknote, allowing children to buy their favorite toys or school supplies.

4. The paper strawberry box can contain a piece of paper with words written on it. The content of the paper can contain some blessings, or the language you want to express to the child the most.


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