DIY Clock Crafts Images And Ideas For Children And Kids

There are many things that children need to learn in the process of growing up, and time is the most important one. These simple clock crafts will give them a chance to learn the concepts of time in an interesting way.

If yours is still in preschool, or in kindergarten, these fun clock craft pictures and ideas will give you more opportunities for fun parent-child interaction.

1. Watermelon Style Paper Clock For Children

This paper clock looks like a watermelon and is very cute. In fact, it is very simple to do, just use paper of different colors, pens, compasses, scissors and glue. You and your kids can easily do it as it looks in the picture. Of course, you can also add your own creativity and ideas, it will become more beautiful.

2. Cute Paper Clocks For Kids

I love the paper clock craft in these two colors so much, the red and green stand out so beautifully on the wall at home. For this style of paper clock, there are very few tools and materials to prepare. Use scissors to cut out a large circle and 13 small circles, yes, the extra one is glued to the center of the clock. Try it out as it looks in the picture for you and your kids.

3. Waste Paper Flower Clock For Children

This paper clock is made of scrap cardboard and paper of different colors and looks like a blooming sunflower. If yours is still in the preschool stage, it doesn't matter if your kids can't read the clock. The outermost layer is also pasted with a clock reading sticker, which can help children understand and recognize the time more easily.

4. Bing Dwen Dwen Paper Clock For Children

Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, is a cute giant panda. This paper clock is not difficult to make, just use black paper and scissors to cut out the four legs and two ears of the panda, then cut out an ellipse, draw the panda's eyes, nose and mouth in the appropriate position, and finally add On the clock numbers and hands, you can easily complete this clock craft. I'm sure you and the kids will love making this craft clock because it's just too cute to resist.

5. Easy Paper Clock For Kids

 This is an easy paper clock craft, just cut out a circle out of scrap cardboard, then cut out 12 shapes of different sizes and write numbers from 1 to 12 on them, then stick them on the edge of the cardboard , and finally glue the hour and minute hands in the center of the circle. This simple toddler clock craft is perfect for kids under 3 years old, and parents can teach their kids to tell the time during the paper clock making process.

6. Tiger Paper Style Wall Clock For Children

 Children are very fond of animals, whether it is a ferocious tiger or a gentle cat, they are very happy to have animal prints on their daily objects or food. On the issue of knowing time, we can use the animals that children are interested in and make paper clocks into animal patterns, which will enhance children's interest. Isn't this tiger paper clock very cute, of course, children are also very willing to try to make and know the time.

7. Can Style Clock Craft For Kids

 When we finish our Coke cans, we usually throw them in the trash. In fact, this kind of cans can not only be recycled, but can also be used to make various children's crafts. First cut off the top of a complete can, and then cut out the different strips vertically, as in the picture above. Then roll up the end of the cut strip, and finally paste the drawn paper clock in the middle.

8. Wooden Arts And Crafts Style Wall Clock

 This is a DIY wooden clock, and it's a walkable wall-mounted clock. This is a very artistic DIY project, just stitch together different lengths of wood strips and make a circle. Then install the clock with the numbers on the wooden bars, and finally install the hands to complete. Although this work is more difficult for children, it can also be tried with the help of parents.

9. Arts And Crafts Style CD Clock

The CD clock is relatively simple and creative. We only need to mark the numbers on the CD with a marker, and then install the hands of the clock. Placed on a tabletop at home and sparkling in the sun, kids love projects like this.

10. Super Easy Bottle Caps Style Clock For Children

This is a clock craft made of cotton swabs and plastic bottle caps. Just drill 13 small holes on a large bottle cap (the small holes in the middle are used to install the hands of the clock), insert the face stick, and then put the cotton swab Insert the small plastic cap at the end of the bottle. Do you want to try this clock craft with your 3-year-old kids?

11. Paper Plate Clock For Children

The paper plate clock is the easiest one, because we can easily mark the numbers on the paper plate and paste the hands. There are many ways to do clock crafts, but the requirements for completing projects at different ages are different. For example, preschoolers under the age of 3 choose simple ones, and kindergarteners can complete clock crafts projects of medium difficulty. Perhaps it doesn't matter what quality of work is done, the most important thing is to teach children how to make handicrafts and let them learn to recognize time in the process of making.


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