Paper Windmill Making Tutorials Step By Step

When I was a child, I used to be crazy about paper windmills, and now I have become a father of two children. I also take my children to make paper windmills and teach them to make all kinds of paper windmills.

In summer, I like to play with my kids in the park or the beach, and they also like to play with their own paper windmills. Show off the paper windmill craft in front of their friends and teach some other kids how to fold some of the easiest paper windmills. These paper windmill tutorials step by step below are perfect for summer crafting and you can go and fold these pinwheels with your kids.

1. An Easy Paper Windmill

Both paper and plastic straws are the most common materials in our lives and they are so cheap I have to admit that I love to use them for all kinds of crafting projects. Moreover, the time-consuming of making manual work with paper is also very short, and it is easy to make various manual crafts.

How to make an easy paper windmill?

1. First prepare a piece of paper, then fold the four corners in half to make two marks.

2. Use scissors to cut a line from the middle of the four corners to the middle, remember not to cut completely along the diagonal line.

3. Roll up the four corners of the paper to the middle, then punch a hole in the middle, punch a hole in the plastic straw, and string the two materials together with iron wire, as shown above, a simple paper windmill is ready.


2. How To Make A Toy Paper Windmill

This is a kind of paper windmill that can be used as a toy. It can be easily done with three pieces of paper, and then put it on the table or hold the toy windmill with the tip of a pen, and then the pinwheel will turn when you run. The following paper windmill is also the same tutorial, the specific steps are as follows:

Paper windmill making tutorial:

1. If you like color, you can use three strips of paper of different colors, first fold the three strips in half.

2. Then cross the 3 paper strips folded in half together, and then gently tighten them, and the paper windmill is done.

3. Ferris Wheel paper windmill

This paper windmill is like a Ferris wheel, but its blades are shaped like countless hearts. When the wind blows, it will also rotate. The speed of rotation depends on the wind speed. The practice of this paper windmill is not difficult, if you like this kind of paper windmill, you can try it.


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4. Moderate Difficulty Paper Windmill

If you like this style of the paper windmill, you can try it. The specific video tutorial is on my Pinterest, the name is DIY ART PINS. The folding of this paper windmill is relatively difficult and takes about 20 minutes. If you are familiar with origami techniques, then this tutorial is not difficult.

5. Flower Paper windmill Tutorial

This paper pinwheel is as beautiful as a flower. Its tutorial is similar to the first one, except that a piece of paper is added to the original piece of paper, so it will have 8 "petals". If you like different colors, you can match them in the same color as the second pinwheel, isn't it more beautiful.

6. Paper Windmill Origami

This paper windmill is dropped directly from a height and then spins to the ground. It will keep spinning in the air. If you use it as a toy, it will bring you a lot of fun.

1. First prepare a 15cm square paper, then fold it in half in a cross shape and then fold it in half diagonally.

2. Then compose a triangle along the crease, then fold the four small triangles to the middle, and split equally to form a curved right angle.


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