Recycling Egg Carton Mushroom Craft For Children

What can recycled egg cartons be used for? You can't imagine how imaginative children are and how they can be used to make different handicrafts. The mushroom craft made from recycled egg cartons is so cute, you can try it with your children.

Why do children like mushrooms of all colors?

One possible explanation could be their natural curiosity and tendency to explore new and different things, including the colors and textures of mushrooms. Additionally, mushrooms are often used in fun and colorful dishes like pizzas and pastas, which could also contribute to their appeal among children.

What children's crafts can be made with recycled egg cartons?

There are a variety of crafts that children can make with recycled egg cartons. Some ideas include making flower crowns, caterpillars, ladybugs, or even a miniature cityscape. With some creativity and imagination, the possibilities are endless!

What do we need to prepare to do egg carton mushroom crafts?

Degree of difficulty: ☆☆

Age: 3+ years old

Time-consuming: within 40 minutes



Recycled egg cartons

Color pigments

Nylon pens


Colorful clay


How to make a colorful mushroom craft from recycled egg cartons in 7 steps?

1. First, use a piece of black paper and cut out a large circle. Then cut out the recycled egg carton and cut it down the middle. Parents need to be reminded that when using scissors, parents help their children cut out the egg carton to prevent scissors from hurting them.

2. Paint half of the paper egg carton with your favorite color, you can choose green, red, yellow, white, etc. Just choose the color your child likes.

3. After waiting for the color-coated egg paper shells to dry, we can apply glue to it, as shown in the picture above.

4. These glue-coated paper egg boxes are then glued to the black circular paper.


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5. Use white paint to dot each of these mushrooms with polka dots so they look more like real mushrooms.

6. Then complement the whole picture with colored clay. Green clay can be made into grass. 

7. The white clay is rolled into long strips to make the diameter of the mushroom's pole. The whole picture is like a mushroom breaking out of the ground, how energetic and vital it is.

Why are children who regularly do handicrafts smarter?

1. Children may like mushrooms of all colors because they are curious and fascinated by the different shapes, textures, and colors of the natural world. Some mushrooms may also look cute or resemble characters from their favorite stories.

2. Recycled egg cartons can be used to create a variety of crafts such as egg carton caterpillars, flowers, animals, bird feeders, and more. Children can develop their creativity and fine motor skills by cutting, painting, and gluing the cartons into different shapes and objects.

3. Research suggests that regular engagement in handicrafts can enhance a child's cognitive, social, and emotional development. The process of planning, designing, and executing a craft project can improve their problem-solving, spatial awareness, and attention to detail. Moreover, hands-on activities can help them destress, build confidence, and express their creativity.

What other waste items in our life can be used to do children's crafts?

Paperclips: Paperclips are a common craft material for children. They can be used to make paperclips, paperclips with pictures, and paperclips with text.

Pencils: Pencils are another common craft material for children. They can be used to make pens, pens with pictures, and pens with text.

Buttons: Buttons are another common craft material for children. They can be used to make buttons, buttons with pictures, and buttons with text.

String: String can be used to make strings, strings with pictures, and strings with text.

Bubbles: Bubbles can be used to make bubbles, bubbles with pictures, and bubbles with text.

Egg shells: Egg shells can be used to make shells, shells with pictures, and shells with text.

Plastic bottles: Plastic bottles can be used to make bottles, bottles with pictures, and bottles with text.

Cotton balls: Cotton balls can be used to make balls, balls with pictures, and balls with text.

Straws: Straws can be used to make straws, straws with pictures, and straws with text.

These are just a few examples of waste items that can be used for children's crafts. The most important thing is to choose the materials that are safe for children to use.



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