Paper bunny craft tutorial for preschoolers

Simple craft tutorials are generally suitable for preschool children. There are many ways to practice paper bunnies. We have a rabbit origami tutorial earlier, If you want to learn another handcraft of paper rabbits, click this link to view: Rabbit origami tutorial for children

This paper bunny craft tutorial is very simple. This paper bunny needs several round pieces of paper of different sizes, which can be easily made by pasting them together.

Paper bunny craft tutorial for preschoolers

1.Use a blue round piece of paper as the "belly" of the bunny, and another white round piece of paper, slightly larger than the blue piece of paper.

2.The white round piece of paper is used as the "head" of the bunny and glued together.

3.Paste "hands and feet" on the bunny as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

4.Then paste the "eyes" and "ears" on the bunny and finally paste the ears.

5.Finally, draw a mouth and a beard on the bunny as shown in Figure 6, what a cute bunny.

If you also think this bunny is cute, then give it a try. There are a wealth of handicraft tutorials here. You are welcome to share with your friends, let parents and children do the handicraft together.

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