A paper rabbit craft that can beat

There are many paper rabbit tutorials. We have two ways to do paper rabbits. If you are interested in understanding, please click on these two articles to view: Rabbit origami tutorial for children , Paper bunny craft tutorial for preschoolers.

This paper rabbit can beat, follow these steps, you can also teach your kids how to make paper rabbit crafts. If you want the rabbit to beat, you must have a component like a "spring", but how to make it with paper?

A paper rabbit craft that can beat

1.According to the method shown in Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3, fold the two paper strips repeatedly, and glue the ends together.

2.Then glue a round piece of paper as the "head" of the rabbit, and then glue the ears, eyes, feet, hands and other parts.

3.Finally, use a marker to draw the mouth and eyebrows, and the acute and beating rabbit is complete.

If you also think this rabbit is cute, then give it a try. There are a wealth of handicraft tutorials here. You are welcome to share with your friends, let parents and children do the handicraft together.

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