Paper roll ox craft idea for kids

 When the roll paper is used up, we will throw away the paper tube in the middle. In fact, the roll paper tube can be used to make some crafts. There are a lot of ideas for the paper roll craft. This easy paper roll craft is very beautiful and suitable for children over 3 years old.

The Paper roll ox craft idea for kids tutorial is below. You can learn this craft quickly by following these steps.

Paper roll ox craft idea for kids

1.Prepare a roll paper tube, wrap it with red handmade paper, and stick the end with glue.

2.As in Figure 3, cut out a yellow oval paper and draw the nose and mouth.

3.As in Figure 4, paste the eyes on the paper tube.

4.As in Figure 5, cut two small openings on the paper tube with a knife, and sneak the two "horns" into the cuts.

5.Then paste the ox’s ears and four feet according to Figure 7-8, and the paper roll ox craft is completed.

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