Bubble film peacock craft tutorial for toddlers

Air bubble film is often used in express delivery. Wrap things with bubble film to prevent damage. Air bubble film can also be used for handwork. Today, bubble film is used to make a peacock.


The bubble film peacock is easy to make. You only need a small bubble film with handmade paper, glue, etc. to make it easily.

Foam cotton peacock craft tutorial for toddler

1.First, prepare a small bubble, and paint the bubble film with green paint as shown in Figure 2.

2.Then roll up the bubble film as shown in Figure 3 and tie it up with thread.

3.Prepare a piece of blue handmade paper, draw the "body" of the peacock, and then paste the eyes, mouth, etc.

4.According to the method of Figure 8 and Figure 9, the green bubble film is pasted with a feather pattern, and it looks very beautiful.

 Many little girls like peacocks very much. This bubble film peacock tutorial is also very suitable for little girls. If you have a girl in your family, you can try it with your children.

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