Ostrich paste painting tutorial for kids

Ostriches are larger birds. They seem to be very heavy, but they run very fast, which is amazing. Today we use handmade paper to make the ostrich craft, which is very simple and suitable for children over 3 years old.

This is a simple ostrich paste painting tutorial, and you can try it if you have children. You only need to prepare different colors of handmade paper, glue, markers, etc., and you can quickly make it.

ostrich paste painting tutorial for kids

1.According to Figure 1, use black handmade paper to cut out two circles of different sizes. Then paste the two circles on red A4 paper.

2.Then use white markers to draw the "feet" and "neck" of the ostrich.

3.Then paste the "mouth" and "eyes" on the ostrich according to Figures 4 and 5.

4.According to Figure 6, use some black paper strips to roll them on the cylindrical pen holder and let them bend naturally to form the "feathers" of an ostrich.

5.Pasting these paper strips on a round black piece of paper, the three-dimensional effect of the "feather" is very obvious.

Two ostriches of different sizes were made. Is this tutorial on ostrich pasting easy? Is it suitable for your children to try? If you also like this handmade work, please forward it to your friends.

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