Rice dumpling is a food made from glutinous rice wrapped in rue leaves and steamed. It is one of the traditional festival foods of the Han people in China. Rice dumpling, as one of the traditional foods with the deepest accumulation in Chinese history and culture, has spread far and wide. The custom of eating rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival has prevailed in China for thousands of years, and it has spread to North Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries.

Rice dumpling(Zongzi) is a major delicacy of the Dragon Boat Festival. Both adults and children love rice dumplings (zongzi). Since everyone likes zongzi so much, why not make a zongzi craft with clay to commemorate it so that you can see it every day.

Zongzi is very delicious food. At the Dragon Boat Festival in China, almost everyone will eat Zongzi. The Dragon Boat Festival is a major traditional festival in China. Dragon boats, rice dumplings, salted duck eggs, sachets, etc. are the characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival.

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