Paper Zongzi(Rice Dumpling) Dragon Boat Craft

Zongzi is very delicious food. At the Dragon Boat Festival in China, almost everyone will eat Zongzi. The Dragon Boat Festival is a major traditional festival in China. Dragon boats, rice dumplings, salted duck eggs, sachets, etc. are the characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival.

If you are looking for some creative craftsmanship on the Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi, you should want to know how to make paper zongzi(rice dumpling) and dragon boat craft.

Children have no resistance to handmade project, because they saw the cute and beautiful crafts and it is hard not to like them. If you can personally make the crafts you want, it will be a hugely attractive thing.

Any difficult craft project can be simplified, and the complicated craft project is not suitable for children. Therefore, you should teach your children how to make the easy paper zongzi(rice dumpling) dragon boat craft tutorial.

Paper Zongzi(Rice Dumpling) Dragon Boat Craft

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Degree of difficulty:☆☆☆

Age: all ages

Time-consuming:30+ minutes

All you need:

  • paper
  • color markers
  • scissors
  • glue

Notes before preparation of the paper zongzi(rice dumpling) and dragon boat craft

1.It is difficult for children to cut out the shape and drawing of the dragon boat with scissors.

2.The tutorial is very difficult for children under 3 years old, and it will become easier with the help of adults.

3.This is a paper dragon boat craft that can be swayed.

How to make a paper zongzi(rice dumpling) and dragon boat craft in 5 easy steps

1.Use a piece of paper to draw a large circle, cut it out with scissors, and then fold the circle in half. As shown in Figures 1-3.

2.Use markers of different colors to draw beautiful patterns on the semicircle. This requires the help of adults, and it is generally difficult for children to draw independently.

3.Then cut out the drawn dragon head, paste it on the semicircle, paste the cute paper dumplings, and so on.

4.Finally, the paddle of the rowing boat is pasted next to the paper dumplings, and paper drops are attached. The whole project looks so cute.

5.The children will be very interested in moving the dragon boat with their hands, the dragon boat swaying from side to side.


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