Paper tulip folding method for kids

The tulip is the national flower of Turkey, the Netherlands, and Hungary. People in these countries like this flower very much. Tulips come in different colors, and the magnificent scenery growing in a large area will be very shocking.

There are many kinds of manual methods for tulips. Today we bring a relatively simple method. The main materials are handmade paper of different colors, scissors, glue, etc.

Tulip folding method for kids

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Degree of difficulty:☆☆☆

Age: all ages

Time-consuming:30+ minutes

All you need:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Notes before preparation of the paper tulip folding method for kids

1.The origami method of paper tulips is very simple, and they can be made as home decorations. Putting them in a vase is a good idea.

2.Please put the scissors and glue in a place where children cannot easily reach them to prevent children from being injured.

3.Try to use different colors of paper, you will get more surprises.

How to make paper tulip folding method for kids in 4 easy steps

1.After folding a piece of pink paper, draw the shape of the upper half of the petal, and then cut it out with scissors.

2.Paste them in the same way as in Figure 4.

3.Roll up a piece of green paper as a "flower stem".

4.Paste the flowers and flower leaves on the "flower stem" and this work is complete.

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