How to make an easy big red flower with paper?

Flowers are the most beautiful things in the world. Different flowers have different colors, different shapes, and different flavors. I believe that everyone has a kind of flower they like, even if it is an inconspicuous little flower on the ground, it represents its tenacious vitality and has won the likes of some people.

 The handmade work brought today is a big red flower, friends who are interested can refer to it and have a try. The main materials prepared are handmade paper of different colors, scissors, glue, etc.

How to make a easy big red flower with paper?

1.Prepare some red and green handmade paper and cut them into circles of the same size as in Figure 1.

2.Then roll up the round paper according to the method shown in Figure 2 and then glue the stitches together.

3.Roll up the red round pieces of paper and then paste them in order into a circle.

4.Roll it up with a piece of green paper and use it as the "stem" of this big red flower.

5.Treat the rolled-up green paper as a "flower leaf" and paste it on the "flower stem".

6.Finally, paste a few red dots that resemble small raindrops, and these are used as falling "petals".

Is this big red flower beautiful? If you like this flower, you can try it. If you need to use it later, please bookmark this page or share it on your social account, thank you.

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