Butterflies are a kind of insect that children love, and there are many different kinds of them with different wings and patterns. On weekends, you can take your children outside to play, to fly kites, catch dragonflies, catch butterflies and let them feel the beauty of nature.

You may be looking for some creative crafts with paper cups? Paper cups can be made into a variety of crafts for children, so if you are looking for paper cup butterfly craft ideas, take a look at these two paper cup butterfly ideas below.

If you are looking for creative ideas related to butterfly crafts, why not try this flying butterfly craft? Its method is very simple, and it can also fly in the air, which is the main reason why most children like it.

When spring arrives, children love to play in the wild and enjoy the variety of beautiful flowers and also see different insects. Butterflies are one of the most popular insects among children, and they come in different species and colors. No matter what kind of butterfly they are, they fly in the air like happy little elves.

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