Easy paper snail craft making tutorials for kids

Are you looking for insect craft ideas? If your kids are 3-5 years old and curious about anything, they should want to know about easy paper snail craft-making tutorials for kids.

There are many types of snails, they can be seen everywhere, especially in spring and summer, they crawl on trees and grass. The snail craft has different degrees of difficulty. The simple craft is the easiest for children to accept, and they are also interested in it.

The simple snail crafting method requires no more than 3 materials, and the production process is no more than 5 steps. You'll love how easy this is! You can do it with your children together.

Easy paper snail craft making tutorial for kid

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Degree of difficulty:☆

Age: 3-year-olds

Time-consuming:15 minutes


  • paper
  • double-sided tape
  • hole puncher
  • Plastic straw
  • scissors
  • marker


Easy paper snail craft making tutorial for kids in 5 steps

1.As shown in Figure 1, prepare 4 paper strips of different colors with the same width but different lengths.

2.Roll up the three shortest paper strips to form a circle, and then stick them with double-sided tape to seal them.

3.Paste these 3 circles together as shown in Figure 3.

4.Fold the longest piece of paper in half, glue them together, and punch two holes in the way shown in Figure 5.

5.Put the straw through the two holes, as shown in Figure 6. Then use double-sided tape to paste two rounds on the plastic straw, and draw the shape of the eye with a marker.

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