Easy paper butterfly craft tutorial for preschooler

Are you looking for insect craft ideas? The children are very curious about the world of insects. They will learn some knowledge about insects in class, but they maintain a high degree of curiosity about the growth process of insects. Maybe they want to know some secrets about butterflies.

A butterfly is a kind of magical insect. It emerges from the cocoon and becomes a butterfly, and then it becomes a cocoon again, repeating its life in this way. Exploring the natural world is the interest of most children, and learning a lot of scientific knowledge from mysterious nature is the biggest gain for children.

Maybe children want to know about easy paper butterfly craft tutorial for preschooler. This craft is easy for kids, you'll love how simple this is! And you can do it with your children together, enjoy the parent-child time.

Easy paper butterfly craft tutorial for preschooler


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Degree of difficulty:☆☆

Age: 3-5-year-olds

Time-consuming:20 minutes


  • paper
  • glue
  • decoration accessories

Easy paper butterfly craft tutorial for preschooler in 5 easy steps

1.Prepare two round pieces of paper of different colors and sizes, and then paste them together, as shown in Figure 1.

2.According to the method shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3, fold it up, and then fold it according to Figure 4 after opening.

3.Use the same method to make a smaller round piece of paper, the same folding method.

4.Arrange the two round-folded paper sheets as shown in Figure 6 and tie them together.

5.Finally, tie a green paper strip in the middle of the two pieces of paper, paste "eyes", and draw the mouth, and the paper butterfly craft is done.

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