Easy paper shark craft tutorial(step by step)

Almost every day I can hear my son sing "baby shark Dudu Dudu". Later I learned that they are in kindergarten and the teacher taught them to sing this song. I found out that since my son likes this song so much, I want to make a paper shark craft with him, maybe it can bring him happiness.

How to make a napkin paper tube shark craft? If you want to make this shark craft, you can check out this tutorial on napkin paper tube shark craft.

Although the shark is a fierce animal in the ocean, in the eyes of the students, in the cartoons on TV, the shark is very cute and one of the children's favorite animals. If your child also likes sharks, you can try this easy paper shark craft with your child.

Easy paper shark craft tutorial(step by step)

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Degree of difficulty:☆☆


Time-consuming:10+ minutes


  • color papers
  • marker
  • glue
  • scissors


Notes before preparation of the easy paper shark craft tutorial

1.How to cut out a regular round piece of paper? You can use a compass or a round bucket lid at home as a template tool.

2.Scissors are a tool that can easily hurt children, so prevent children from being hurt by scissors.

3.Although this craft tutorial is simple, please parents to guide the child correctly if the child is impatient.

Easy paper shark craft tutorial(step by step) in 4 steps

1.Use white paper and blue paper to cut out a round piece of paper of the same size.

2.Cut the white round piece of paper in half, and paste it on the blue round piece of paper with glue, as shown in Figure 1.

3.Then paste the eyes and fins on the shark, as shown in Figure 2-3.

4.Then draw the mouth and teeth of the paper shark, then paste it on A4 paper, and draw the ripples.

After reading this easy paper shark craft tutorial, do you have more inspiration to try it with your children? Maybe you can do it more beautifully. I hope you and your children enjoy the weekend parent-child time together. The growth of children requires the correct guidance of parents and the long-term company of their parents.

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