Easy Crab Handprints For Preschoolers

Children especially love the ocean, they love to run on the beach and play various games. They also yearn for the depths of the sea, want to explore more unknowns, and encounter more marine animals.

You can never imagine what kind of sea animals your kids will like, because everyone likes different animals. Some children like ferocious killer whales, sharks, and others like corals, jellyfish, crabs, shells, etc. They are happy to explore their favorite marine life.

Of course, children also like backpacks, books, and various handicrafts about marine life. They also try to draw their favorite marine life. Today, I will teach preschool children how to do simple crab handprint projects. These projects are very simple. Suitable for all ages.

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1. First crab Handprint project

This is an adult crab handprint project, children's hands are relatively small, so the children's handprint works will be slightly smaller, but the method is the same, so simple that you can't imagine, but in order to help more preschoolers, the following handprint Tutorials can be bookmarked.

How to do the easy crab handprint project step by step?


1. white paper

2. red paint

3. red marker and black marker


How to do

1. First, apply red paint on the palms of both hands, then press the handprints on the white paper like in the picture above.

2. At this point, we got a handprint in the shape of a crab, and then we used a red marker to draw the eye shape for the crab.

3. Finally, we use a black marker to draw the eyes of the crab and its smallmouth.

2. The second crab handprint project

This crab handprint project is the same as the first work, using the same method, we got a similar crab handprint work. You can take your child to complete this easy crab work, especially for preschoolers under 3 years old.

3. The 3rd crab handprint project

This is a child's handprint crab work, smearing the hands with red paint and pressing them on the white paper. Then use a red marker to draw the ends of the crab's eight legs and two large pincers. Finally, draw the eyes of the crab with a black marker, and this crab handprint project looks so good.


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4. The 4th crab handprint project

This crab handprint work is a little more complicated than the ones above. This project requires drawing the crab's eight legs and two large pincers with a black pen, and finally drawing the crab's eyes. Apply orange paint on the fingers and press them onto the white paper. These fingerprints are the crab's body. Finally, use the pen to draw the eyes, mouth and legs.

5. The 5th crab handprint project

This crab handprint project is the same as the first and second works, but this project adds some other elements to make the picture look fuller. If you like this crab work, you can try it too, you and your child should be able to do better.

6. The 6th crab handprint project

This is a crab handprint paper cut project, this crab looks so cute. It requires only a few materials, and the method is very simple. You can try it if you like.


1. red card stock

2. white card stock

3. large googly eyes

4. black marker

5. scissors

6. pencil


How to do

1. Trace your child’s hand on the red card stock two times. Cut out each handprint.

2. Cut out two 2-inch circles with scissors or a round punch. Cut a small triangle out of the circle to make the crab claws.

3. Start assembling the crab by placing two handprints, thumbs up and fingers out. Overlap the palms slightly and glue in place.

4. Using white card stock, draw a crescent shape for the crab's smile. Use a black marker to draw a smile line on the white crescent. Cut out the smile and save it for later use.

5. Glue two crab claws to the index finger of each hand to secure them. Glue the gooey eyes to both thumbs.




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