The process of making crafts can cultivate children's concentration, imagination and creativity. The cutting and pasting of paper is a kind of handicraft that children like very much, and parents can also participate in it.

Preschoolers like to tear paper into shreds. Most parents think this is a bad habit and will prevent children from tearing paper. This seemingly simple tearing art project involves many skills. Children will enjoy the fun of creating art while practicing fine motor skills!

Seed art ideas are relatively unfamiliar to most children, because they usually use various drawing tools, or use various scissors techniques, and don't pay too much attention to other crafting methods. Seed art ideas for kids are new attempts, and they are willing to try.

 Spring is a beautiful season, flowers are blooming everywhere, and bees fly in the flowers to collect nectar. Rape is a common flower. When the rape blossoms, the bees are very busy with the nectar of the rape.

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