Rape blossoms flying bees paste painting

 Spring is a beautiful season, flowers are blooming everywhere, and bees fly in the flowers to collect nectar. Rape is a common flower. When the rape blossoms, the bees are very busy with the nectar of the rape.

Today, I will teach you how to make rapeseed flowers, and there are bees flying in the flowers, very cute. This is a pasted painting, suitable for children about 5 years old, hurry up and see how it is done.

Rape blossoms flying bees paste painting

1.First prepare a small yellow rectangular piece of paper, fold it in half and form a square, and then fold it diagonally in half, showing the same shape as in Figure 3.

2.Cut it out in the same way as in Fig. 4 and Fig. 5, and cut it out and open it to the same shape as Fig. 6, which is the shape of a "rapper flower".

3.According to this method, cut out many rape flowers. Paste them on the paper in the same way as in Figure 8.

4.Paste the flowers on the top as shown in Figures 9 and 10, and draw the "stems" and "leaves" of the rape flower with colored pens below.

5.Paste the painted bees as if they were flying in the rape blossoms. Finally, paste the shape of a white cloud on the top, is it very vivid and lovely?

This is a handmade work that describes rape blossoms in spring. There are beautiful rape blossoms and cute bees. Do you like it? Welcome to share it on your social accounts, let more friends see it, and let more children fall in love with crafting.

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