Seed art ideas for kids - Mushroom seed painting tutorial

Seed art ideas are relatively unfamiliar to most children, because they usually use various drawing tools, or use various scissors techniques, and don't pay too much attention to other crafting methods. Seed art ideas for kids are new attempts, and they are willing to try.

Beans are the first choice for most seed arts and crafts. There are many types of beans, and different beans have different colors. Many of these seed art activities actually use beans-but I checked my trusted friend Google and learned that beans are indeed (pulmonary) seeds. So we can use beans to make these seed art activities without feeling like rebels!

Mushroom seed art is an easy crafting tutorial. The shape of mushrooms is easy to draw, and the difficulty of the project is not high. It is completely suitable for children over 3 years old to make and try.

Seed art ideas for kids - Mushroom seed painting tutorial

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Degree of difficulty:☆☆☆


Time-consuming:30+ minutes


  • pencils
  • papers
  • glue
  • rice
  • red beans
  • green beans
  • scissors

Notes before preparation of the seed art ideas for kids

1.Children who are too young should not play with beans, because swallowing beans may cause the children to suffocate and die.

2.For children, pencils and scissors are also more dangerous tools.

3.There are a lot of beans and rice. If the child does not have the patience to make crafts, please parents guide them correctly.

How to make a mushroom seed painting in 4 easy steps

1.Draw the shape of a mushroom on A4 paper.

2.Apply glue on the mushrooms drawn, then arrange the beans and rice in order and paste them on the paper.

3.Draw the shape of the mushroom pattern in advance, and arrange the beans and rice according to the pattern.

4.Then decorate with green beans and some colored paper next to the mushroom, and a beautiful seed mushroom painting is completed.

There are many ways to make seed paintings. This is a simple mushroom seed painting. You can use different seeds to make fruit paintings, landscape paintings and maps. Maybe you will be interested in these creative seed paintings, and even willing to spend a lot of time trying them.

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