DIY MORTAL KOMBAT Game from paper

This is a game that I like very much in childhood, especially for boys, who like fighting games very much. My father made this game, and I can still make it easy. The DIY MORTAL KOMBAT Game tutorial from paper is suitable for everyone.

This is a kind of children's educational handmade game, making two to play at the same time, it is very exciting and can arouse enough interest for children.

DIY MORTAL KOMBAT Game from paper

1.According to the method in Figure 1, tie the green paper strip to the pen holder to form a hollow cylindrical shape, paste the ends with glue or tape to prevent separation.

2.Follow the same method to make some hollow cylinders of the same green paper.

3.According to the method in Figure 4, poke a hole at the bottom of the two circular bottle caps, and then connect the cap and the straight tube in series along the hole.

4.At the top, we can stick a bamboo stick to this "bamboo man", which can be used as its "weapon".

5.In the same way, we can make this bamboo man, and finally, it looks like Figure 8.

6.We can make two "bamboo men" of different colors at the same time, which are controlled by two people and placed in the gap between the two benches so that they can fight fiercely.

This educational game for children is very suitable for kids. You can follow the tutorial, make it step by step with your children, and then play with them. It is also a very meaningful thing.

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