How to make dumpling crafts for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival?

Can you make Chinese Dragon Boat Festival crafts? Dragon boats and rice dumplings are indispensable for the Dragon Boat Festival. Today I will teach you how to make dumpling crafts for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is a major festival. This day is to commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan. People miss him by rowing dragon boats and eating rice dumplings. In China, almost everyone will make rice dumplings, eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boating performances on that day.

You can make dragon boats and rice dumplings with a few sheets of paper. You'll love this simple craft project. And you can do it with your children together.

How to make dumpling crafts for Chinese Dragon Boat Festival


  • paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • some decorations


How to make dumpling crafts for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in easy 6 steps

1.Cut a piece of dark green paper into the shape shown in Figure 1, and use a pencil to draw lines on it.

2.Cut a piece of green square paper into two halves, as shown in Figure 2.

3.Then stick double-sided tape on the green paper sheet according to Figure 3.

4.According to Figure 4 and Figure 5, roll up the green paper sheet, and then press it toward the center to form a hollow zongzi shape.

5.Finally, paste "eyes" and decorations on the zongzi, and paint the mouth to complete it.

6.Finally, paste it "boat oars" and draw "water waves" to complete it.

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