Birthday cake paste painting for preschoolers

Everyone has a birthday every year. For children, eating a birthday cake on that day is a particularly happy thing. Today I will teach you how to make a simple birthday cake craft, suitable for preschool children.

The birthday cake paste painting is very suitable for preschool children. We mainly prepare different colors of handmade paper and glue.

Birthday cake paste painting for preschoolers

1.Prepare a piece of blue A4 paper and some handmade paper of different sizes and colors.

2.As in Figure 3, arrange and paste the colored hand-made paper strips from bottom to top, with the longest paper at the bottom and the shortest paper at the top.

3.Pasted on the top a piece of paper like a "candle".

4.Paste some decorations around the blank area and write "Happy Birthday".

This is a handmade idea very suitable for children. If your family has children under 3 years old, please teach them and give it a try.

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