Birthday handmade gifts for best friends

A good girlfriend is about to celebrate her birthday. I don’t know what gift to give her. Maybe you are struggling with this problem. Sending flowers or birthday cakes seems more common, but what are the more commemorative things to send? I think it’s a great thing to make handmade gifts for my girlfriends.

The handwork introduced today is made of wool, which is very suitable for girls, and they love it. Let's see how it is done.

Birthday handmade gifts for best friends

1.First of all, we need this special fabric, the same material as cross-stitch. And to prepare this kind of crochet, used to hook these outlines and colors.

2.We have to mark the shape first, and then use crochet to hook the yarn out of different colors and shapes step by step.

3.The method of using crochet is very simple. You only need to follow the outlined shape and use your favorite color to make it easy.

4.Do you think the cute little girl hooked with woolen crochet is pretty?

If you also like this kind of handicraft, you can prepare these materials to try. Not only can this kind of work be sold, but it can also be given to friends as a birthday gift. Is it very commemorative?

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