How to make Children's Day gifts - A mini lollipop bouquet craft

Children's Day is an important festival for kids. On this day, they will perform wonderful shows, and parents will also buy them some toys or snacks they like. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on gifts, even if it’s just a lollipop, you might want to know how to make Children's Day gifts - A mini lollipop bouquet craft.

Candies are irresistible food for children, and one of the favorite snacks of children. Although eating candies is not healthy for them, you'll don't worry about eating one once in a while.

There are many types of candies. Lollipops are liked by almost every child. If you don’t want to spend too much money and time preparing gifts for Children’s Day, it is also a good choice to buy them a few lollipops. I will teach you how to pack a beautiful mini lollipop bouquet, you'll love how simple this is.

How to make Children's Day gifts - A mini lollipop bouquet craft

More Lollipop packaging ideas for Children's Day:

Children's Day lollipop packaging ideas for kids


Degree of difficulty:☆☆

Age: all ages

Time-consuming:15 minutes

All you need:

  • lollipops
  • wrapping paper
  • scotch tape
  • cloth ribbon

How to make Children's Day gifts in 3 easy steps- A mini lollipop bouquet craft 

1.Prepare 3 lollipops and tie them together with scotch tape, as shown in Figure 1.

2.Prepare wrapping papers of different colors and sizes, wrap the lollipops as shown in Figure 2-4, and tie them with scotch tape.

3.After wrapping the lollipop with 4 layers of wrapping paper, tie it with scotch tape, and then tie a bow with a cloth ribbon.

The story of the Children's Day gift (A mini lollipop bouquet craft)

 My daughter likes to eat lollipops until her teeth have health problems, and the doctor strictly forbids us to continue to eat sugary foods for her.

On Children’s Day, in order to satisfy a little wish of her, I prepared 3 lollipops for her, and after eating them, I immediately let my daughter brush her teeth. I don’t know if this is too much spoiling her.

If your child is also used to eating sugary foods, will you strictly control his(her) diet?

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