How to make a tumbler Santa craft?

If you are looking for some tutorials on Christmas crafts. The Christmas crafts here will inspire you. I also know you want to know how to make a tumbler Santa craft.

The tumbler is a toy that most children like, and they think it is incredible. Many children don't understand why the tumbler does not fall, so they are very curious about it.

This is a Christmas craft about cute Santa Claus, and it is also an indispensable decoration for Christmas. It can be made and hung on the Christmas tree, to make the Christmas tree look more beautiful. You'll love how simple this is! It is just in six easy steps, you can follow this tumbler Santa craft tutorial and make it with your children together.

How to make a tumbler Santa craft?

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  • paper
  • double-sided tape
  • scissors

How to make a tumbler Santa craft in 6 easy steps

1.Two circular pieces of paper of different sizes are pasted together as shown in Figure 1.

2.According to Figure 2 and Figure 3, cut out a red triangle, make a "hat" and paste it on the top of the circle.

3.Then paste "eyes", "nose" and "beard" in the middle of the circular piece of paper.

4.Cut out a big red round piece of paper as Santa’s "belly." Paste on the "belt" and "hands".

5.Then use a circle of the same size, fold it in half, and paste it on the back of the red circle with double-sided tape.

6.Swing Santa Claus with your fingers, it swings from side to side like a tumbler, it is very cute.

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