Autumn leaf painting for children

Every autumn, the leaves slowly turn yellow until they wither and fall, which is the harvest season. There is beautiful scenery in every season, and autumn is no exception. The weather in autumn is very cool, the fruits of autumn are very sweet, and the scenery in autumn is very charming.

In autumn, the leaves turn yellow, and there are fallen leaves everywhere on the ground. We can pick up a few leaves and go home to make a beautiful leaf painting. The leaf painting I brought to you today is very simple. The main materials will use leaves, scissors, drawing paper, plasticine, markers, glue, etc.

Autumn leaf painting for children

1.First, prepare a piece of yellow and white A4 paper, and cut the white A4 paper into a circle.

2.Cut the picked leaves into pieces, as shown in Figure 1.

3.Spread glue on the lower part of the round white paper, then sprinkle the leaf fragments on it and paste it on the round paper.

4.Poke several balls of different sizes with plasticine to make the ant's body, and then install the eyes and draw the tentacles and feet on the ant.

5.Finally, according to Figure 4 and Figure 5, embellish the entire picture, and this leaf painting is complete.

There are many more ways to paint leaves, and more leaf painting methods will be shared in the future. Leaf painting is something most children are more interested in, and they are very willing to do it. Let's try it out with your children.

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