Mother's Day egg tray flower craft for 3 year olds

 Egg trays are relatively common in life, and they are generally thrown away directly after use. Few people use egg trays for creative handicrafts. After reading this egg tray flower tutorial, you may be willing to try it.

This is a gift from a child to a mother on Mother's Day. If the child and mother make it together, it is a very meaningful thing. The egg tray flower craft is suitable for children over 3 years old.

mother's day flower craft for 3 year olds

1.Prepare some egg trays, and then cut them out with scissors, as shown in Figure 3.

2.Then according to Figure 4-6, cut out a petal-like shape.

3.Use a red pen to color the "petal" on the top image, with a round yellow in the middle, as shown in Figure 7.

4.Using a piece of green A4 paper, fold the paper in the way shown in Figure 8, then tie up the lower part with a rope, and write the blessings for Mother's Day.

This mother's day egg tray flower tutorial is very simple, if you like this tutorial, please forward it to your friends around you.

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