Easy paper flower gift for Mother's Day

If you are looking for some ideas about Mother's Day crafts for toddlers. This is a website that you are very excited about. Here is a collection of tutorials on various children's handicrafts. This article will teach you how to make an easy paper flower gift for Mother's Day.

If you are going to let your child give her(his) mother a gift for Mother's Day. Making handmade work is a good choice, which not only saves money, but also allows children to feel the joy of making crafts.

It is easy to make children feel happy, because they will not have too many complicated requirements, they just want to do what they are interested in. And parents tend to think complicated, children may just want to play games, make crafts, play with water, etc.

Easy paper flower gift for Mother's Day

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DIY paper flower decorations for Mother's Day


Degree of difficulty:☆☆

Age: 3-year-olds

Time-consuming:20 minutes

All you need:






Easy paper flower gift for Mother's Day in 6 easy steps

1.Prepare 6 square papers of the same size but different colors, as shown in Figure 1.

2.Draw a circle on the paper with a pencil, and then cut out the circle with scissors, as shown in Figure 2.

3.According to Figure 4, fold the round paper in half once, and then fold it a small part. The shape after opening is shown in Figure 5.

4.The paper sheets of different colors in 6 are all folded, showing the same as in Fig. 6.

5.Glue the 6 different colors of paper together to form a round flower. As shown in Figure 7-9.

6.Finally, cut out two "leaves" and paste them together to form a complete paper flower.


The story of this Easy paper flower gift for Mother's Day

The 3-year-old daughter is very interested in things of different colors. In her life, she likes to buy candy of different colors, clothes of different colors, etc. It feels that the world of children is so wonderful.

One day, because I was cooking and let the child play with toys, 20 minutes later, she discovered that she had stacked a "house" with books. She told me this was her "home".

Moreover, my daughter usually likes to use colored pens in her hands to draw various patterns on the walls at home, which is unacceptable and annoying.

Later, after eating, I made such a handmade work with my daughter.

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