Easy snail craft ideas for kids

Snails are common insects in our lives. There are many types of snails, but we all think that snails are insects with heavy shells on their backs.

Today I will teach you a simple method of making snails, suitable for children around 3 years old. Just use different colors of handmade paper, glue, and pens.

Easy snail craft ideas for kids

1.Cut out a small circle with handmade paper and then fold the round piece of paper in half.

2.Use another color round paper to draw the snail shell pattern on it.

3.Paste them in the way shown in Figure 4, and finally paste the "tentacles" and "eyes", and snail handwork is done.

You can make different snails with your favorite color. This is an easy snail craft idea for children. If your baby likes snails, you can take him to make this cute snail handmade work.

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