Paper strip flower tutorials for adult

There are many ways to make flowers with handmade paper. Just use our imagination to create a variety of different production methods. This paper strip flower-making tutorial is a brand new way. I believe you will try it after reading it and gradually fall in love with this kind of handwork.

This is a brand-new way of hand-made. It requires some tools, glue, accessories, and hand-made paper strips of different colors.

Paper strip flower tutorials for adult

1.Slowly roll up the paper strip with a tool, and then put the rolled hand-made paper strip into a circular measuring ruler.

2.Apply glue to one end of the edge according to the method shown in Figure 3 to stick it.

3.According to your own needs and ideas, squeeze the rolled paper into the shape you want. For example, this heart-shaped petal looks very cute.

4.In the same way, we can make petals and leaves of different colors and shapes.

5.By combining them, we can make different flowers, such as cherry blossoms, clover, lily of the valley, etc.

Do you love these paper strip flower tutorials for adults? This kind of flower-making process is very interesting, it can spell out the flowers we want, and it is very beautiful, does not appear naive, suitable for adults to make.

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