How to use cotton swabs to make spring flowers?

Cotton swabs are common daily necessities around us. We generally use them to wipe the water in our ears, but can you think of them as flowers? How to make spring flowers with cotton swabs, let’s take a look, it’s very easy.

We need to prepare these materials: Painting paper, cotton swabs, plasticine, glue, scissors

How to use cotton swabs to make spring flowers?

1.Cut a piece of light blue drawing paper into a big circle, and our work will be completed on it.

2.Using a piece of green drawing paper, cut out an arc, and cut the inside of the arc into a wave shape.

3.Cut many prepared cotton swabs into various lengths for the production of flowers. You can see the style in the picture for details.

4.Cut the green drawing paper into a strip shape to make the stem of the flowers, which looks like supporting the flowers.

5.Glue them all together. The middle of the flower is made of colored plasticine, which looks more beautiful.

6.Finally, paste the leaves of the flower and the scattered petals to make the whole picture more layered.

This is a very easy craft for preschoolers, using cotton swabs to make spring flowers. I believe that every baby can easily complete it with the help of his mother. In fact, all kinds of objects in our lives can be used to make handicrafts. Just use our imagination and we will find more beautiful things.

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