Hand torn paper tree paste painting

Children are very active. If your home is messy, this is the result of having naughty children. If you give your child a book, it is estimated that he will tear it off in the shortest time.

The work I want to introduce to you today is a hand-torn paper tree paste painting. This is a very simple tear-off drawing, suitable for preschool children under 3 years old. We only need to prepare different colors of paper and glue.

Hand torn paper tree paste painting

1.A piece of discarded yellow-brown paper of a suitable size, and then tear it into the shape of a tree trunk by hand.

2.The shape and size of the "trunk" should be thicker, and then tear out some "branches" as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

3.Paste the torn "trunk" and "branches" on white paper to form the shape of a tree.

4.Then tear two different green paper sheets into a "leaf" shape, and paste them on the branches, as shown in Figure 4-6.

5.Then use a black marker to draw some lines of the tree on the "trunk". The final work is shown in Figure 9.

This hand-torn paper tree paste painting very easy to do, The DIY ART PINS website has a lot of handmade works. If you also like to do crafts with your children, please follow our website.

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