Easy kite craft for toddlers

Children are longing for the blue sky and dream of flying in the sky like birds. Kite is a favorite thing for children, especially in spring, flying kites running on the grass with the company of mom and dad is the most favorite thing for children.

The method of flying a kite in the sky is actually very easy, and I will share the specific method with you in the future. Today, I will mainly share with you a handmade kite method that a 3-year-old child can make. The method is super simple.

Easy kite craft for toddlers

These materials are mainly used: a piece of blue A4 drawing paper, drawing paper of different colors, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors.

1.First cut out 3 white clouds with scissors, and paste them on the blue A4 paper as shown in Figure 1.

2.Cut the colored drawing paper into the shape of Figure 2 and paste them together with two, like Figure 3, cross and paste them together.

3.Make kites of different colors. Some people say they are more like balloons. What do you think?

4.Paste kites of different colors on blue drawing paper, as shown in Figure 6.

5.Finally, draw a line for each kite, like a kite line, flying in the blue sky.

This is a simple handmade work suitable for toddlers. You can think of them as balloons or kites, but the whole production process is very simple. Give it a try.

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