Spring craft for kids under 3 years old - Hydrocotyle chinensis (Dunn) Craib Hand painted

Many parents do not know how to do handicrafts with their children, perhaps they have no methods or related hobbies. In fact, doing crafts with your children will enhance the relationship between both parties, and it will also help the children grow and learn. Hydrocotyle Chinensis (Dunn) Craib is a very easy craft, hurry up and learn.

Spring craft for kids under 3 years old

1.First, we prepare a piece of drawing paper, and then cut it into a big circle. If you feel troublesome, you don’t need to cut it.

2.Then we use dark green and light green paper to cut out some small circles, cut a small opening to the center of the small circle, and fold the small round paper into a small leaf.

3.Use a black pen to draw thin stems on the big round white paper. I suggest not to draw too straight. This is exactly what 3-year-old children are good at.

4.Glue the green round leaf to the top of the line on the round white paper, which looks very harmonious.

5.Finally, use paint pens to embellish the work with some green and yellow dots to make the whole picture more beautiful.

This is a small craft that expresses spring. If you have children under 3 years old, you might as well try to make this work with them.

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