3D Peach Tree craft for children

Children are full of curiosity about nature. Not only do we need to take children to get close to nature, but we can also use painting or handicraft to let them know more about nature.

Today I teach you how to make a 3D peachtree with paper. The production process is very simple. You can easily make it step by step by following this tutorial.

3D Peach Tree craft for children

1.Prepare a piece of brown A4 paper and then fold it in half as shown in Figure 2.

2.Then draw a tree shape on it as shown in Figure 2, and use scissors to cut out the excess part according to this shape.

3.According to the method shown in Figure 4, draw some wood lines on it.

4.Use the same method to cut out the same tree shape, and then paste the double-sided tape in the middle according to the method shown in Figure 5, and paste the two same "trunks" together.

5.Cut out some peach blossoms and leaves according to the method shown in Figure 7-9.

6.Paste the peach blossoms and leaves on the trunk, and finally, it looks like Figure 12.

This 3D peachtree tutorial is very suitable for children around 5 years old, if you have children, you can try it.

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