Plastic bottle cap drawing ideas for toddlers

What can plastic bottle caps be used for? In daily life, we can reuse most of the waste to make beautiful decorations. You may be want to know about plastic bottle cap drawing ideas for toddlers.


There are so many discarded bottle cap crafts here for children who love crafts~ From today onwards, try to collect the discarded bottle caps at home, whether they are made of metal or plastic, they can be used to make interesting crafts. 

I am very happy to have the opportunity to share my production experience with you. I use plastic bottle caps to make handwork. I think that color should be the main consideration, and the innovation of the things around me is very good training for kindergarten children. The way of imagination, parental guidance during the production process, is a very good parent-child activity that is entertaining.

Plastic bottle cap drawing ideas for toddlers

Degree of difficulty:☆☆

Age:under 3-year-olds

Time-consuming:15 minutes


  • paper
  • plastic bottle caps
  • marker
  • Hot glue gun


Plastic bottle cap drawing ideas for toddlers in 5 easy steps

1.Prepare a piece of green paper and cut it into the shape shown in Figure 2, which looks like "grass".

2.Prepare some plastic bottle caps, you can choose different colors.

3.Cut two red plastic bottle caps into the shape shown in Figure 5 and paste them on the paper to look like opening flowers.

4.Then draw a line between the flower and the grass as a "flower pole". Then paste "leaves"

5.Place the plastic bottle caps staggered and paste them on white paper with hot glue, like a "caterpillar."


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