Clay Daisy Craft Flowers For Kids

Daisies are perennial herbaceous plants with a long history of cultivation. They are loved by Italians and have been elected as the national flower. Daisies are available in a variety of colors, with white, pink, and purple colors for better ornamental effects.

Children are naturally fond of flowers, especially girls, and their love of flowers is no less than their love of toys. Exposure to nature is something every mother should let her children do. Children learn to recognize plants and protect them in nature.

If your child is particularly fond of a certain kind of flower, then you might plant that flower on your balcony or in your yard so that your child can see his or her favorite plant every day. Of course, if you are not in a position to grow plants, you can take your children to do crafts together, such as drawing flowers with crayons, pinching flowers with clay and making flowers with various materials.

Here, teach you how to make daisies with clay, the production process is not complicated, but if your children are young, can not be completed independently, it is recommended that the mother and together to make.

Degree of difficulty:☆☆☆☆

Age: all ages

Time-consuming:30+ minutes

All you need:

Colorful clay

1.You need to prepare purple, yellow and green clay, and use your hands to squeeze them into the same spherical shape as the picture above.

2.Then divide the purple clay into rows of balls of the same size, and then pinch them one by one into ovals, just like the shape in the picture above.

3.Then arrange these ovals of purple clay in a circular arrangement, in the same way as in the picture above.

4.Then the green and yellow clay balls are placed in the middle of the purple clay petals, and a petal shape is formed. Finally, use a toothpick to press a line in the middle of each petal and poke numerous small holes in the middle of the petal, so it looks more like the real daisy.

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Follow these 4 steps you can also easily produce different colors of daisies. Often accompany your child to do clay crafts, you will find that your child has a rich imagination, but also exercise the child's hands-on skills, teaching children do not flinch when they encounter difficulties, children will also become increasingly intelligent.

There are many ways to make clay daisies, see below 3 more clay daisy creative ideas, may be able to help you play more imagination, and children together to play more patterns.

This daisy craft method is slightly more complex than the previous work, suitable for children aged 3 years and above, using different green, yellow, blue and white clay, they will be pinched out flowers in the same way as above. The shape of the leaves is slightly more complex, but with the help of scissors or ruler is still easy to achieve, you can try it with your child.

This round daisy clay craft is easy to make. Roll the white, yellow and green clay into a sphere with both hands and press it on cardboard, press it into the desired shape of petals and leaves, and draw the rod diameter with a black marker. A lovely red clay ladybug with seven stars, a round clay pressed from it, on it with a marker to draw the pattern, draw its feet, head and you're done.

This daisy clay handicraft production method and the above similar, with the same method to the petals and stamens produced, but this work more three-dimensional, as if a daisy paste on the cardboard, you like the creation of such a way? Although very simple, but suitable for children and parents to make together to enrich the children's way of life, exercise the creative thinking of children.



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