For kindergarten children, DIY handmade origami should be an extremely happy thing, especially the origami boat is the favorite of children and easy to learn, so the origami suitable for kindergarten children should be as simple as possible.

Summer and watermelon seem to be the best match. We like to eat watermelon or drink watermelon drinks in summer. Children like everything about watermelon, watermelon candy, watermelon bread, etc., and even like to make various crafts of watermelon. The watermelon torn paper art has become the most popular activity for kids or preschoolers in summer.

Many parents don’t understand the benefits of playing with clay? Most people think that it is just an ordinary toy, which is similar to playing with mud when they were young. In fact, the effect of playing with clay is much greater than we thought.

Are you looking for ideas about summer crafts? Watermelon crafts, ice cream crafts, and fan crafts are all loved by children. I think you want to know how to make a paper rainbow fan in summer.

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