Ice cream papercraft for toddlers

Both adults and children like to eat ice cream, especially in summer, ice cream is a best-selling item in various shops. Different flavors of ice cream are loved by different people.

Summer is coming, and it’s the ice cream hot season again. In such a season, I thought of a tutorial that is very suitable for children, and I believe that many children will also like it very much. This handcraft is very simple and lightweight small. The gadgets are cute and beautiful in appearance and easy to make. The materials are simple. Let's learn together.

Ice cream papercraft for toddlers

Ice cream papercraft for toddlers needs to use these materials, paper, pens, scissors, glue, etc.

1.First, according to the method in Figure 1, draw fan-shaped and net-shaped grids on the paper.

2.Then cut the fan shape and roll it into the shape shown in Figure 2. This is how the lower part of the ice cream we usually eat.

3.In the same way, we cut out a fan shape and made it into the shape of Figure 3, which can be used to wrap the ice cream.

4.According to the method in Figure 5, fold out the top part of ice cream and paint some colors to make it look more beautiful.

5.add various decorations to the ice cream, such as strawberries, biscuit sticks, etc., to make the whole ice cream look more attractive and delicious.

Ice cream is the most common delicacy in summer and is loved by everyone. If mom and dad accompany their children to make an ice cream handmade work, the children will fall in love with summer and the interesting crafts.


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