How to make a summer hat with drawing paper for children?

Children like colored things. Whether it is painting or making crafts, they all like to use different colors for their works. This is the color world that children see, and the world they see is obviously different from our adults.

The kindergarten is colorful, and children like the colorful world. Today, we use drawing paper to make a colorful summer hat. We need to use drawing paper of different colors, a compass, a bottle of glue, and a pair of scissors.

How to make a summer hat with drawing paper for children?

1.First, we draw two concentric circles of different sizes on the drawing paper. Then divide the small circle inside into 8 points and mark them.

2.According to Figure 2 and Figure 3, we use scissors to cut along the edge of the big circle to form a big circle shape.

3.According to Figure 4, we cut them according to the marks of the inner circle and cut them into 8 semicircles of the same size.

4.At the top of the inner circle, we paste the pre-cut flowers on it.

5.Finally, paste different colors of heart-shaped colored paper on the brim of the hat, so that the hat looks very bright, and it is especially popular with children.

Do you like such a cute and beautiful handmade hat? When making various kinds of handicrafts, it is recommended that you use different colors, which can stimulate children's awareness of different colors and can also increase children's interest.

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