How to make a cute little fan with drawing paper?

Summer is really a season that people love and hate because in summer you can eat all kinds of cold food, but you can't play for a long time outside. If you are not careful, the sun will damage your skin and cause you to get sick from heatstroke.

If you don’t want to go outdoors in the summer, then it’s a good decision to cook your own favorite food at home and accompany your children to make crafts. The following simple cute fan crafting is very suitable for you and your baby to make together, it is very simple to make.

How to make a cute little fan with drawing paper?

We need to prepare a piece of red drawing paper, in addition to green and white drawing paper, a marker pen, a bottle of glue, and a fine woolen thread. See the steps below for how to do it.

1.According to Figure 1 and Figure 2, stick green and white paper strips on the red drawing paper. This is to make the fan more like a watermelon.

2.In the same way, make two sheets according to Figure 1 and Figure 2, see Figure 3 for the specific folding method, and then glue the two pieces of paper together.

3.We use marker pens to draw many small dots on the red paper so that it looks like watermelon seeds.

4.Then tie them up with fine wool in the middle part.

5.Take the binding position as the center point, then stick it with glue, stick an ice cream stick on one of the openings, and complete a beautiful and cute watermelon fan.

This is a handmade work suitable for children aged 3-5. If the children are not able to take some steps in the production process, parents can help them appropriately so that the children will continue to grow in learning.

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