Colored ice cola-summer crafts for kids

Drinking cola and eating ice cream in summer has become most people's favorite. The hot weather makes people feel irritable, and children feel the same way. It is recommended that children not eat too much ice cream and cola, which will affect their health. Today, I will use drawing paper to make a colorful Coke craft for everyone.

We need to prepare these materials: A4 drawing paper, colored pens, scissors, and a glue stick.

Colored ice cola-summer crafts for kids

1.First, draw a large trapezoid on the A4 drawing paper, and then use a colored pen to draw various colors in the question type, as shown in Figure 1.

2.Follow the edge of the trapezoid and use scissors to cut out the trapezoid shape, which looks like the shape of a cup.

3.Fold a small piece of paper into the shape shown in Figure 3 and then paste it up with two of the same.

4.Draw the shape of the ice cube on the paper, paint it with color, and cut it out along the ice cube.

5.Use a glue stick to paste all ice cubes, straws, and bubbles in the cup.

6.Finally, paste a semi-circular rim on the cup.

 Do crafts with your children in summer, and do some summer-related crafts, such as ice cream, electric fans, refrigerators, etc., not only train children to learn to think, enhance their hands-on ability, but also make the relationship between parents and children better.

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