How to make paper mini ice cream crafts?

Are you looking for an ice cream craft tutorial? Maybe you don't know how to teach children to make handmade. Do you want to learn how to make paper mini ice cream crafts with your children?

In summer, ice cream is one of the most popular foods. We have shared the egg tray ice cream craft, it is very useful and versatile material. How to make mini ice cream with paper towels is a very interesting thing.

You'll love how simple this is! It is just in four easy steps, you can do the paper mini ice cream crafts with your children together.

How to make paper small ice cream crafts

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  • paper towels
  • toothpicks
  • small plastic bag
  • scissors
  • glue

How to make paper mini ice cream crafts in 4 easy steps

1.Prepare a thin paper towel and cut it into the shape shown in Figure 2.

2.After applying glue to the paper towel, roll it up with a toothpick.

3.Then draw a variety of colors and patterns on the paper towels, such as watermelon, strawberry, etc.

4.Then put a small plastic bag on it, and cut out zigzags at both ends of the plastic bag.

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