Summer craft for kids - clay watermelon paste painting

Many parents don’t understand the benefits of playing with clay? Most people think that it is just an ordinary toy, which is similar to playing with mud when they were young. In fact, the effect of playing with clay is much greater than we thought.

Children can use clay to make all kinds of interesting animals, such as rabbits, pandas, dogs, etc., and clay can also make all kinds of flowers, trees, fruit, etc. As long as we can think of things, we can squeeze their shapes. If you are looking for clay creative ideas, maybe you can learn to make this summer craft for kids - clay watermelon paste painting.

 Although clay is a fun toy, guiding children to use clay to make various dolls is a matter of helping children grow up. What are the benefits of playing with clay for children?

1. Playing with clay can make children's fingers more flexible.

2. Playing with clay makes children's thinking more active.

3. Cultivate children's spatial thinking ability and improve mathematics performance.

4. Improve children's concentration and ease emotions.

5. Light clay is rich in color, which can directly stimulate children's vision.

6. Hand-eye coordination ability training.

7. Seat balance training.

8. Finger strength and fine activity training.

Summer craft for kid - clay watermelon paste painting

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Degree of difficulty:☆☆

Age: all ages

Time-consuming:30 minutes

All you need:

  • paper
  • clay
  • transparent plastic board
  • lollipop
  • marker
  • glue

Summer craft for kids - clay watermelon paste painting in 4 easy steps

1.Roll the clay into a ball and place it on the paper, and press it into a round pie with a transparent plastic board, as shown in Figures 1-3.

2.In the same way, make some round clay pie shapes and paste them on the paper, as shown in Figure 4.

3.Use a marker to draw some watermelon-like wavy lines on the green clay, as shown in Figure 5.

4.Finally, draw some small watermelon pictures and embellish some beautiful patterns.


Precautions for children playing with clay toys:

1. Choose safe and non-toxic environmentally friendly clay

2. Beware of children entering the mouth and nose by mistake

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