Winter craft tutorial for kids over 3 years old

Most parents think that when children are 3 years old, it is the best time to develop hobbies. During this period, children will be given painting lessons, music lessons, language lessons, etc., so that children can slowly develop their own good habits.

Hand-making is a course that focuses on drawing ability, practical ability, thinking ability, and handmade works of all ages can be made. Children's pre-school manuals are generally tutored by parents to help children complete them step by step.

Today’s winter craft is very suitable for kids over 3 years old, follow the tutorial below to learn it.

Winter craft tutorial for kids over 3 years old

1.First, we paste a round blue paper on a white A4 paper.

2.Then we apply glue on the bottom of the blue round paper and paste some cotton on the place where the glue is applied.

3.Paste two small pieces of double-sided tape on the round blue paper, paste some cotton swabs, and finally paste a white triangle on the top of the cotton swabs.

4.Follow the steps in Figure 3, then paste the windows and doors, it looks like a small house.

5.Then in other blank areas, use cotton swabs to make a tree and some snowflakes.

6.Finally, paste two white round pieces of paper, draw eyes, nose, and hands to make a snowman, and the whole work is complete.

Cotton swabs are one of the more commonly used things in our lives. Using our imagination, we can use cotton swabs to make more handmade crafts.

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