Winter craft tutorial for kids under 3 years old

Do you believe that children under 3 can complete a craft? Parents usually ignore their children's abilities or are reluctant to let children who are too young try to do too many things.

This craftwork is very simple and can be done independently by children under 3 years old. It only needs a pen, paint and paper towels to complete it.

Winter craft tutorial for kids under 3 years old

1.Prepare a piece of blue and white A4 paper respectively.

2.Then use scissors to cut the white A4 paper into a wave shape, as shown in Figure 1.

3.Use pen and paint to draw the shapes of the three trees, as shown in Figure 2 and above.

4.Prepare some paper towels, wrap them in a ball, and stick them on the trunk with double-sided tape.

5.Finally, use a snowflake mold to press out some snowflake-shaped paper and paste it on the blank space.

This simple winter handicraft is very suitable for babies under 3 years old and does not require basics and skills. It can be easily completed under the guidance of parents and takes very little time.

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